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Our Services

We move your business forward!


Business Plan Development

If you are tired of your business running you, then it's time to work smarter. We provide consultation on marketing strategies, financial projections and operating standards that will you manage your business better! Having a strategic business plan is necessary for growth.


Technical Writing

Needing to create a handbook, procedures document or brochure? Need research on how much your industry is worth?  Ready to have your business plan drafted?  Looking to update your resume for your career path? These are a priority for you, but you don't have the time to organize it. We are available to take care of your writing needs for an identified audience.


Grant Writing

Businesses need funding to support operational costs, project goals and community activism.  Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit, grants are available to cover necessary expenses and objectives. We will conduct grant research and submit your proposal based on grants that align with your goals. 

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CEO Monica C Montgomery is a Technical Writer and uses her strategy skills to help elevate businesses and clients through writing, research and execution. Her objective is to collaborate with others to achieve long term goals.

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